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Meet the Real Pooks, Boots, Kitty Angel and Friends

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The Real Story of Pooks and Boots

Pooks and Boots are so thankful to all that have connected with us and used our books to teach children about Jesus! The “Pooks and Boots Meet Jesus” book is based on the true story of Pooks and Boots. They once lived in cold wilderness until Jesus helped them into our loving home!

I remember we went to the shelters looking for an adorable kitty that needed a home. There were so many black kitties in the shelter. The person that worked at the shelter said that nobody wanted the black kitties! It broke our hearts.

My husband and I knew we could not take all the black kitties, but in our love for them we took two, Pooks and Boots. We see beauty in all of God’s animals, no matter what color they are. They both had health issues when we got them, but GOD helped us and now they are both healthy! Praise God!

Pooks and Boots are so happy to be in a loving home! They now spend each day helping those in need and teaching children about Jesus in their books.

We love you all and pray you share our books with your children. God bless you all!


Pooks and Boots Now


Pooks and Boots When They Were Younger

company car

Pooks and Boots Mobile

bakitty angel.1

The Real Story Behind Kitty Angel

I wanted to introduce to children in my Pooks, Boots and Jesus book series that God sends angels our way to protect us at all times! According to Psalms 91: 11-12, "For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways. They will bear you up in their hands, That you do not strike your foot against a stone".

I used my beautiful sister Sable Kena's kitty Gizmo to be our Kitty Angel. Gizmo is now in heaven but makes a great Kitty Angel in the book series! Sable has a huge heart and was our inspiration to start the company! Sable gave Gizmo a loving home for 15 years!

In the book series, Kitty Angel is always there for Pooks and Boots in their adventurous stories! Even though Pooks and Boots don't see Kitty Angel, your children will as they turn the pages! They will learn through the book series that this bible verse on angels protecting them is true and they will know God is always with them!

Heidi and Huey

Heidi and Huey

Victoria and Nicholas


Sir Charles, Daisy, and Lady J

Hunter, Bandit, and Milo

Cassie, Checkers and Socks

Yu and Marley

Barbara's Millie and Mac

Barbara's Gracie, Curvey and Daisy

Sharon's Poppy, Britches, Sophie and Layla

10-A Poppy
10-B Britches
10-C Sophie
10-D Layla

Oneida's Bella, Chewbaca, Choco and Clifford

11-A Bella
11-B Chewbaca
11-C Choco
11-D Clifford

Oneida's Rebel, Rocky and Spongy

12-A Rebel
12-B Rocky
12-C Spongy

Melanie's Skud, Early, Buster and Beauty

15-A Skud
15-B Early
15-C Buster
15-D Beauty

Melanie's Gizmo, Meanie and Sassy

16-A Gizmo
16-B Meanie
16-C Sassy

Melanie's Toroe, Vixin, Wiley and Zilla

17-A Toroe
17-B Vixin
17-C Wiley
17-D Zilla

Katherine's daughter's Bagera and Baloo

13-A Bagera
13-B Baloo

Katherine's Kitty Lee, Princess, Tiger and Booky

14-A Kitty Lee
14-B Princess
14-C Tiger
14-D Booky

Gloria's Chubby and Tootles

Simon Goodway did wonderful illustrations for Pooks, Boots and Jesus LLC.

Check out more of his work at